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For most businesses today, total employee compensation is one of the largest investments they make.

Employee benefits
typically comprise
30% of total compensation,
and costs continue to climb.

Percent of total compensation: 30%
United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014). Employer Costs for Employee Compensation news release text. Retrieved from

What Our Clients Say

Could not ask for a better team to work with than HCW.
Carla Erickson, Withers & Ravenel, Inc.
Our experience with HCW is the same from year to year - excellent!
Lauri Shedlick, Town of Morrisville
We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with HCW since the beginning about 13 years ago. The HCW staff gives us exceptional service. We couldn't be more pleased with the guidance and support they provide at all times.
Mitchell Ward, Investors Title Company & Affiliates
Love HCW! You all make my job so much easier.
Angie Lietzau, SciMetrika, LLC
The HCW service team is amazing. As a retail organization, I understand how valuable great customer service associates are. Yours are valuable assets not only to HCW but to REEDS Jewelers! They are an extension of our own family and are greatly appreciated on a daily basis.
Charity Trusler, REEDS Jewelers, Inc
We are very satisfied with your organization. Our representative from HCW is a responsive, professional, business partner to our company.
Robin Jones, McGill Environmental Systems of NC, Inc.
Our HCW team takes great (not just good) care of us.
Russell Rabinowitz, Duke School
HCW is THE BEST in the business!
Sandy Gainey, American Board of Pediatrics
I have received some really great help from [HCW]! Everyone is very thorough and great with follow-up.
Candace Whisenant, Mulkey Engineers & Consultants
We couldn't be happier with the service HCW provides!
Belinda Aldridge, Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.
With HCWs expertise and communication, I feel confident we are offering our employees the best possible benefits at the most cost effective prices.
Sandy Thomason, Robling Medical, Inc.
[HCW is] a great team that I can depend on to provide information, guidance and support!
Betsy Creech, Overture Networks
[HCW is] just a great group of professionals. Always there to help with any issues, very timely and always positive. Works hard to make sure all your needs are met. Excellent service.
Tracy Armwood, WhiteStone: A Masonic & Eastern Star Community

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Case Studies

Benefit Administration

Case Study

Despite the chaos of Healthcare Reform, a smooth renewal saved client 2-3 solid weeks of work.

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Casy Study

Launching a targeted health plan that was sustainable and affordable was top priority for this client. Find out how they did it.
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