The Pharmaceutical Coupon Cat and Mouse Game

Insurance companies developed pharmacy formularies to help steer patients to lower cost medications and try to control overall healthcare cost.  However, some pharmaceutical companies have been bypassing the traditional formulary system and have been providing pharmacy coupons directly to patients.  The coupon provides a financial incentive for the patient to purchase the pharmaceutical’s medication, leaving […]

Healthcare Price Transparency – Is It Achievable?

What’s one of first things you do when you make a purchase?  If you’re like me, you look at the price.  Why is purchasing healthcare different?  Is it because we’ve become insulated from the cost of care with flat-dollar copays?  Is it because once we’ve met out out-of-pocket maximum, we have little personal incentive to […]

The Reimbursement Tug-of-War

The State Health Plan (SHP) is looking for ways to control healthcare cost and it has its eyes set on the reimbursement rates paid to medical providers. Why is this important? According to North Carolina’s Treasurer, Dale Folwell, the State Health Plan has an estimated unfunded liability of $35 billion leading to potential insolvency by […]