Investing In Paid Family Leave

Are you ready to invest your organizational dollars to compensate for paid family leave? With the onset of 2018, one major state amended their Disability Benefits Law (DBL) to mandate paid family leave for those employers located in New York or working in New York.

Stop Loss Markets Putting the Brakes On

Recent trends in the medical stop loss market are showing most stop loss risk managers have been suffering significant losses in the past few years. This can be attributed to an increased number of high cost claimants, newly released specialty medications, and the required removal of lifetime plan maximums due to recent legislative changes to […]

Employee Wellness: Are You Adapting Your Plans to Remain Relevant?

“Uncertainty” tends to be the common word that best describes how employees and employers feel about healthcare these days. Based on a recent study “Wellness in the Workplace,” only 24% of employers believe employees take responsibility for their overall health and wellbeing, and 28% believe employees know how to navigate the healthcare system. On top […]

With an Aging Workforce – Have You Given Your Benefit Plan a Proper Checkup?

In the past, most individuals looked forward to an early retirement, or at the very least, retiring when they turned 65. However, new statistics show that many Americans are working past age 65. Many factors can contribute to this trend such as the increasing Social Security retirement age or the fact that many individuals simply […]