Is It Time to Evaluate Your PTO Policy?

As an employee benefits consultant, I am starting to get more and more questions around PTO (paid time off) policies and best practices. Employers are considering making changes to their PTO policies as a way to enhance their overall benefits packages.

Can Congress Control Rising Healthcare Costs?

I was pleased to see a recent publication from Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who is not only a member of Congress but also a medical doctor who provided patient care in Louisiana’s charity hospital system for 30 years.  In his publication, Ideas to Make Healthcare Affordable Again, Sen. Cassidy outlines key areas that Congress can […]

What to Expect with the End of the Individual Mandate

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) created a tax penalty for individuals who do not have qualifying medical coverage as specified under the law. Many people felt the government was forcing people to buy insurance, whether they wanted it or not. The Individual Mandate was challenged and eventually upheld by the Supreme Court. […]

Make Sure that You Are Compliant during Open Enrollment

During this time of the year, many employers are renewing their benefits plans and undergoing open enrollment, which allows employees to make changes to their benefit elections. There are several moving pieces handled at the HR level, including plan decisions (i.e. the potential to change plans), benefit implementation, and employee communication. Therefore, it is important […]