UNC Health Care Set to Partner with Carolinas HealthCare – Is This Good for Consumers?

On August 31, 2017, UNC Health Care announced a plan to merge with Carolinas HealthCare. This merger, if approved, would bring together the nation’s second largest healthcare system with a renowned, academic-based teaching hospital that together would employ more than 85,000 workers. Ultimately, this partnership will create the largest system in North Carolina, and one […]

Direct Primary Care is on the Rise

Patients who have grown frustrated with large health system primary care physician practices are now finding an alternative option in direct primary care. While direct primary care has been around for some time, it is building more momentum nationally. Although still relatively small, there are currently estimated to be over 800 direct primary care practices […]

Will your Drug Costs drop in 2019?

Rising cost of prescription drugs has continued to make the national news and has become the subject of multiple congressional hearings. Consequently, many drug manufactures and insurance companies are slowing the rates of cost increase allow consumers to receive a portion of the manufacturer rebates that have been retained by the health insurance plans. Multiple […]