The State Health Plan Conducted a Dependent Audit…Should You?

The State of North Carolina Health Plan recently conducted a dependent audit to remove ineligible dependents off their plan.  The News and Observer discusses how the State “caught” 600 ineligible dependents. The article assumed a $3.6 million savings by multiplying the $6000 average annual healthcare spend per ineligible members.  However, the article raised some additional […]

Healthcare Reform Post Elections: The only Thing Certain is more Uncertainty

With the completion of mid-term elections in November, I have been wondering what changes we should expect with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA). While Republicans spent the last two years looking for ways to repeal or weaken PPACA, Democrats campaigned during this most recent election on the promise to protect and strengthen the […]

Communicating the Realities of the Individual Market To Employees

Individual plans, as described in the Affordable Care Act, continue to receive a lot of attention in the news.  As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal  multiple major insurance carriers throughout the country have requested rate increases of over 20% in the individual market.  Unfortunately, North Carolinians are not spared from this trend, as […]