Conflicts Of Interest: 3 Recommendations For Business Owners

Conflicts of interest can present themselves at any time, in all aspects of our lives. Where is the line drawn? It requires keen observation to identify them followed by great discipline to abstain from taking part. Many professions have procedures set up to help identify potential conflicts and to guide the involved individuals around them […]

Do Your Employee Benefits Measure Up To The Competition?

Being at the top or the bottom of the benefits totem pole isn’t what is important. What really matters is that you stack up where you intended. You have a strategy for recruiting and retaining employees.  Your benefit program, along with many other rewards, fit into that strategy. Where did you intend for your benefits […]

The Only Constant is Change

(A message to HCW clients from Todd Yates, Partner & CEO) The world changes. Consumers change. Markets change. As the benefits landscape continues to evolve, so does HCW. At HCW we are passionate about making a difference for our clients. We believe success is intentional. Our entire team has a drive and strong commitment to […]

Healthcare Reform, The Employers’ Perspective

As comprehensive healthcare reform has taken shape and become reality, it is now time to have discussions on the impact on the employee benefits landscape.  Throughout the planning process, Hill, Chesson & Woody has remained quiet on the topic so as not to become involved in the reporting of the debate or the political forces […]