We recognize it is impossible for any one person to be an expert in all aspects of employee benefit plans. In response to this, Hill, Chesson & Woody has torn down the silos of conventional customer service and developed a more practical and efficient service model that works for our clients. While our model still recognizes the need for client-specific accountability, we developed it to leverage people with expertise in different areas to impact our clients in a way that will result in a higher level of satisfaction.

This service model evolved from client focus group meetings as a strategy to overcome what is perceived as a major weakness of others in our industry: that only one person is responsible for all tasks associated with a client. Our objective is to have a team of experts in diverse roles that can collaborate to produce results that are superior to the results produced by one individual.


Our Health & Welfare Consultants are responsible for developing a benefit strategy for each client, guiding clients through decision-making processes, and leading the efforts of the benefits team.

The purpose of the Client Manager is to execute the benefit strategy utilizing HCW’s resources to provide each client with optimized service.

Members of the Service Team are always available for our customers. Their priority is to support you by handling a variety of areas, including billing and claims questions as well as administrative issues.

Our Underwriting/Risk Management group is responsible for collecting data from carriers and clients in order to facilitate an effective plan analysis. This team works with your consultant to compile and analyze financial and utilization data on your benefit programs to allow for better decision-making.

The main purpose of the Communications group is to develop tools and programs designed to illustrate the value of your benefit program and build its perception with your employees.

To address the need for employers to reduce healthcare costs without reducing benefit design, our Health Management team works with you to promote and oversee utilization, case, and disease management as well as wellness programs and health initiatives designed to help reduce claims costs.

With thorough knowledge of benefit regulations including COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA and the areas of tax code that impact employee benefits, our Compliance Officers work with you to identify potential concerns and make recommendations to maintain compliance.

Two areas of benefit administration that can consume an HR department are enrollment and managing voluntary benefits. Both of these functions play an important role, so getting it done right is key. HCW's Enrollment & Voluntary Solutions team take both these tasks on, enhancing the outcomes to increase the positive perception of your benefit plan.

At times, no matter how hard you work to manage your benefit plan, you will need to solicit the marketplace with an RFP. HCW's Benefit Analyst team is there to make that process easy and effective. This team not only compiles the information to solicit RFP responses, they also work with the HCW consultant to best position your risk profile to make sure you get the best match to your benefit strategy. Results are illustrated so you can quickly compare items that are most important to you and make an informed decision. All of this is designed to make sure your goals are met while minimizing the time you spend distracted from your core responsibilities.