How To Be A Best Place To Work In One Simple Step

best place to workYes, you read that correctly.

It’s that time of year when ‘Best Places to Work’ awards are being given out across the country.  I know this not only because HCW recently won a best place to work award, but also, I’ve noticed an increase in award winning companies giving advice on how to garner such an accolade in 10 easy steps, or 6 ways to be a best place to work, etc. (Ironic, I know, considering the title of this blog, but bear with me).

Most of these blogs focus on company perquisites.  Perks such as free food, flexible schedules, on-site massages, ping pong & foosball tables, flat-screen televisions, and off-site events are just a few of the things listed.  In fact the very publication that gave out our local Best Places to Work Award, the Triangle Business Journal, even published an article titled, “Perks aplenty help entice and retain area employees.”  Based on these blogs and the article you’d think that adding those perks to your workplace will make you a best place to work in no time!  But if we’re all adding perks to our companies, well, then what?

Don’t get me wrong – I love the perks my company offers and I know our employees love them as well.  However it’s not the perks that made our employees vote us a best place to work and put us in the number one spot in our category.  The simplest way to be a best place to work and the reason HCW has been honored with this award for the past two years in a row, as well as a slew of other awards, is because we treat our employees with respect.  It is truly that simple.  Shocking, I know!

We are a professional services organization and we know it’s our employees who are the ones that are servicing our clients.  We take care of and treat our employees with respect and they, in turn, take care of and treat our clients with respect.  We have a cycle of a respect and it’s a win-win-win situation.  Employees that are respected feel empowered and passionate and, quite frankly, they kick-butt at their jobs.  Who wouldn’t want to work with co-workers like that?  We have a saying here at HCW that we win together and we lose together.  With a company that respects and recognizes employees, I have a feeling we’ll be winning together for many years to come.