Healthcare Price Transparency – Is It Achievable?

What’s one of first things you do when you make a purchase?  If you’re like me, you look at the price.  Why is purchasing healthcare different?  Is it because we’ve become insulated from the cost of care with flat-dollar copays?  Is it because once we’ve met out out-of-pocket maximum, we have little personal incentive to […]

Three Times the Cost: The Variability of Prices Paid to Hospitals by Private Health Plans

As sponsors of employer healthcare plans we have agreed to pay the healthcare costs of employees. This leaves us managing an expense that is both volatile and on a hyperinflation.  This hyperinflation, healthcare trend, has increased at a rate faster than normal inflation for many years and is driven by the rate that healthcare is […]

The ROI of Workplace Resilience Training

With much focus these days on employee engagement, it comes as no surprise that employers are diving deeper into what they can do to help promote a healthy workforce through overall wellbeing.  While we work hard to promote a peaceful and productive workplace, not everyone has the perfect day at work.  That is where resilience […]