The Rise of Benefits for Working Parents

It’s no secret that our strengthened economy and increased demand for employees has resulted in a tightening of the U.S. labor market.  North Carolina remains at about 4% unemployment which many employers would suggest could be considered full employment.  Over the last 12-18 months I have heard one consistent message from essentially all my clients […]

Disability Insurance: An Undervalued Employee Benefit

Disability insurance may sometimes be the forgotten benefit in an employee’s health and welfare benefits package since no one plans on becoming disabled. While disability coverage may not be on the top of employees minds, the Council for Disability Awareness says that more than one in four of today’s 20-year-olds can expect to be out […]

The Reimbursement Tug-of-War

The State Health Plan (SHP) is looking for ways to control healthcare cost and it has its eyes set on the reimbursement rates paid to medical providers. Why is this important? According to North Carolina’s Treasurer, Dale Folwell, the State Health Plan has an estimated unfunded liability of $35 billion leading to potential insolvency by […]

Keeping an Eye Out for the Next Silver Bullet

Every few years, a new product comes onto the medical insurance market promising to be the new silver bullet that is going to save money and improve outcomes. A few years ago, private exchanges were all the rage. We’ve seen referenced-based pricing, medical stop-loss captives, and narrow or tiered networks all touted as guaranteed money […]