The Value of Worksite Biometric Screenings

As corporate health screenings are a common wellbeing program element, their popularity has dipped over the past year as practitioners and employers rethink the value proposition of biometric screenings. Recent coverage suggests they should either be stopped or offered less frequently. The basis for this change is argued from the point of view about perceived […]

The ROI of Workplace Resilience Training

With much focus these days on employee engagement, it comes as no surprise that employers are diving deeper into what they can do to help promote a healthy workforce through overall wellbeing.  While we work hard to promote a peaceful and productive workplace, not everyone has the perfect day at work.  That is where resilience […]

Preventive Precision Medicine: How a Population-Level Approach to Genomics could change the Future Burden of Chronic Disease

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on how employers can leverage genomics for healthcare cost control and more. If 2018 was the year for the concept of genomics and precision medicine to gain the attention of employers and plan members, then 2019 may be the year that this new approach to health […]

Amazon and the Prescription Question

Would you order prescription drugs through Amazon? That is one of the questions Amazon is likely trying to answer as they decide whether or not to create a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), contract with an existing PBM, or possibly purchase one. Currently, three biggest PBMs in the United States are ExpressScripts, CVS Caremark, and Envision.