What Lies Ahead For Worksite Wellness Programs?

Earlier this week, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) announced that they will no longer award premium credit to employers with fewer than 100 eligible employees based upon participation in their Healthy Outcomes Group Wellness Program.  We anticipate this to be a trend among all carriers for similar sized groups. While this […]

Healthcare Cost Transparency – There’s An App For That

There is a lot of talk about transparency in the cost of healthcare. Providing cost, quality, and other information before treatment lowers costs, improves outcomes and goes hand in hand with encouraging employees to be better consumers of healthcare. However this poses a two-fold challenge: 1) having a tool available for employees to be able […]

How Do E-Cigarettes Fit Into Your Workplace And Wellness Policies?

More employers are beginning to review the use of e-cigarettes in their workplace.  Currently, no states have completely banned e-cigarettes.  However, several states are prohibiting the sale of these items to minors and have included them in their indoor smoking bans.  Now employers have some tough decision to make.  Should these devices be banned or […]

Controlling Pharmacy Costs – What Is It Worth?

As I contemplate employer concerns for 2015, I came across an article from Forbes about the 5 trends employees will see as options for plan design adjustments. One of the key elements employees will see is a more concerted effort to control pharmacy costs as we continue to see new specialty medications hit the market. […]