Amazon and the Prescription Question

Would you order prescription drugs through Amazon? That is one of the questions Amazon is likely trying to answer as they decide whether or not to create a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), contract with an existing PBM, or possibly purchase one. Currently, three biggest PBMs in the United States are ExpressScripts, CVS Caremark, and Envision.

UNC Health Care Set to Partner with Carolinas HealthCare – Is This Good for Consumers?

On August 31, 2017, UNC Health Care announced a plan to merge with Carolinas HealthCare. This merger, if approved, would bring together the nation’s second largest healthcare system with a renowned, academic-based teaching hospital that together would employ more than 85,000 workers. Ultimately, this partnership will create the largest system in North Carolina, and one […]

The Impact of Opioid Abuse on Employers

The United States tops the world in drug deaths. More people died from overdoses in 2015 than car accidents and gun violence. Employers are not isolated from these results. One senior manufacturing manager describes this hidden workplace epidemic as “probably the biggest threat in manufacturing, period.”