Are Association Health Plans On The Rise?

As health insurance premiums continue to rise, more and more employers are looking for ways to continue to offer coverage while keeping the costs affordable for their employees. This is especially true for small groups (fewer than 50 employees) who have seen significant cost increases on their health plans due to the adjusted community rating […]

Did Your State Score an “F”? Demand Transparency in Healthcare!

As high deductible health plans become more prevalent and employers shift more of the premium cost to employees, employees are faced with higher out of pocket expenses.   Since more of the financial burden is being shouldered by  employees, employees need to know how to make sound choices when it comes to finding the best […]

What’s The Return On Investment Of Employee Wellness Programs?

Have you ever wondered what the return on investment is for employee wellness programs?  You’re not the only one! The Department of Labor and Health and Human Services also wanted to look at the impact of employer sponsored wellness plans and those results created a stir in the wellness community. The first report was performed […]