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Gabrielle draws on her experience as a Client Benefits Specialist to effectively support the administration of health and welfare programs as a Client Manager. Her natural ability to manage multiple tasks with attention to detail guarantee every aspect of the client's benefit strategy is executed efficiently. Gabrielle maintains a professional and positive attitude when assisting clients with questions or concerns. Her drive to succeed and strong work ethic ensure our clients are in good hands.

I can only choose one?! I'd love to go to Italy, Ireland, England...I'd just love the opportunity to travel and see the world. The Old Country is especially intriguing to me.
I have had several fun jobs. In high school and college I worked at a shooting range. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and shoot some really nice guns. Later in college, I worked at an orthopedic plant making knees. I worked as a bartender as well...talk about getting to meet interesting people.
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