About Liz Kearns

Liz brings a diverse background in health and welfare benefits to HCW. From client management to underwriting, Liz has a passion for taking the technical side of benefits and explaining them in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner. Her analytic ability and her innovative, out-of-the-box thinking keep clients well informed and on task during implementation.

I have 2:
1) I worked for the post office during the summer in college as a letter carrier. I had a boom box on my tray in my mail truck that I would play when I did my route. It used to fall off all the time when I took a turn and my CD would pop out. It looked like someone took a bat to it by the end of the summer. I think half my pay check went to batteries.
2) I worked in production for ABC news special events for the NH primaries and the political conventions. It was great and I was on stage during the conventions. My job was to ensure the reporters and cameramen were in sync during live TV and also find newsworthy attendees.
I was trapped in an elevator right before my final interview at HCW for about 30 minutes. It was about 1000 degrees; it was rough and definitely not the way I wanted to prep for my interview!
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