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Nichole executes clients’ health and wellness management programs to be in alignment with their benefit strategy.  As a subject matter expert, Stewart researches and recommends service providers in addition to creating and implementing successful health management plans. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and an advocate for preventive organizational health and wellness.

My ideal weekend would include a cooking a delicious steak on Friday night, a glass of red wine and winding down with a good movie or book. On Saturdays I would get my CrossFit workout in, play around outside with my 6 month old puppy and try a new restaurant out with friends or family. The perfect Sunday includes a nap at some point! I also enjoy Traveling to Topsail Beach, Blowing Rock and Asheville.
At one point I was a receptionist at Lundies Photography. My role unexpectedly transitioned into assistant wedding photographer after being called in to one wedding last minute to help. Taking pictures was a great experience and I can appreciate a creative shot. Being behind the scenes before the “big production” was highly entertaining! Each family dynamic was so unique. I’ll admit, there was a lot of bridezilla drama, crazy relatives and wedding mishaps. Never a dull moment and I have many stories as a result!
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