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  • Developing a Strategic Approach To International Benefits and Global Mobility
  • Wellbeing & Opioids: Controlling an Epidemic in the Workplace
  • Measuring and Managing Engagement in Today’s Workplace
  • Top Trends and Solutions in Employee Wellbeing
  • Topics & Trends in the Benefits Technology Landscape
  • Workers’ Compensation, Disability and FMLA Integration
  • Prepping for Penalties: Employer Mandate Enforcement Continues
  • Resiliency Series, Part 1: Building Resiliency Through a Holistic Approach to Organizational Wellbeing
  • Resiliency Series, Part 2: The Impact of Burnout on Performance, Health, and Employee Engagement
  • Resiliency Series, Part 3: Building Personal Resiliency – It Starts With Me
  • Resiliency Series, Part 4: Leadership's Role in Developing a Resilient Workforce

  • Enter the TexMan
    Enter The TaxMan: Employer Mandate Implemantation
  • State of the Stop Loss Market: Consulting Solutions for Best Outcomes
  • Managing Pharmacy Costs and Performance
    Managing Pharmacy Costs and Performance
  • Is Your Captive Holding You Captive
    Is Your Captive Holding You Captive
  • Using HR Technology to Help You Become A Destination Employer
    Using HR Technology to Help You Become A Destination Employer
  • The Future Of Healthcare
  • Building a Custom Provider Network
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Review
  • Understanding the Single-Payer Health System
  • PPACA Reporting for Applicable Large Employers
  • Considerations For Transitioning to a Self-funded Health Plan
  • Navigating High Cost Claimants

  • How Do Your Benefits Stack Up? Assessing Your Benefits Plan
  • Funding Arrangements for the Small Employer
  • Considerations for Transitioning to a Self-Funded Health Plan
  • Making Life Easier with HR TechnologyMaking Life Easier with HR Technology
  • Employee Engagement: The Employer's Best Weapon in the Battle Against the Economic Burden of Chronic Disease
  • ACA Reporting: The New Normal