Is There Room for Humor in Employee Benefits Presentations?

Is There Room for Humor in Employee Benefits Presentations?

One goal I have for myself here at Hill, Chesson & Woody is to become the best presenter I can be. When you’re talking about insurance products, wellness tools, legal stuff and communication platforms, it can be a bit boring. I’d like to infuse a bit more fun into our presentations, but what should I use?

When I attended a recent Triangle AMA meeting where Jay Baer and Amber Naslund were presenters, they mentioned this company, Ethos3, as the one who put their PowerPoint together. It was a great slide deck, so I “liked” their page on Facebook. Here’s something they offered up today in a note about using humor and how different comedians use different styles:

Humor can:

  • Capture an audience
  • Put them at ease
  • Keep them engaged
  • And make them adore you!

But, it had better be funny…

When it comes to your next presentation, humor is no laughing matter! We’ll now look to some legendary jokesters to give us their best tips for a hilarious presentation.

Ellen Degeneres

Instead of trying to “come up with something funny” for a presentation, liven up your storytelling by becoming a funnier presenter.

Carrot Top

Cutting to a hilarious slide at just the right moment can be a punchline all by itself and having an actual prop that helps you make a concrete image of your idea can help you create a message that will stick with your audience.

Henny Youngman

Youngman’s basic formula was a set-up and a punch line. It was simple, straight-forward and devastating.

Now, if I could only find my red wig, I might be on to something!

What do you use in your PowerPoint presentations or speeches to connect with your audience?

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