Teamwork, Group Effort and Walt Disney — an HR “Fantasyland” right here in Chapel Hill

One stop along my vacation route a couple of weeks ago was Disney; specifically and only the Magic Kingdom. I’m certain I was the only person in the park snapping pictures of Walt Disney quotes.  Yes, it’s an occupational hazard, or simply that I am a nerd. Either way, this quote caught my attention plastered to a construction fence hiding the new and improved “Fantasyland” to be unveiled in 2012:

large_new_pictureInstantly, I thought of our little group in Chapel Hill. Teamwork and group effort are the foundation of many accomplishments at HCW, and I drive that point home at each monthly staff meeting when we talk about our wins. We win together and we lose together through our group effort.

Walt Disney was an innovator in the entertainment industry who dreamed big. We like to think of HCW as an innovator in the employee benefit consulting industry as well. Eleven years ago, our partners had visions of a premier firm delivering benefits management services to middle market employers, consistently profitable, easy to manage, and a destination employer.

The paradigm that has served us, and our competitors, well for years is shifting and, to a large degree, forcing us to remodel our approach.  Fee based models, new service agreements, strategy, and business impacts infuse conversations about the next steps at HCW. While “Fantasyland” might not be on the other side of the fence, we believe that the new world will position us closer than ever to our clients in our delivery of these services.

What does this have to do with winning?  We are in a construction zone… tearing down conventional wisdom, building new tools, and fortifying the base. Admittedly, we are not hitting all of our goals right now, but I assert that we are growing – through the uncertainty – as a firm, as leaders in this industry, and as individuals. Growing pains hurt, and sometimes make us want to draw up and retreat.  But that’s not our style here at HCW.  We press on and stay true to our vision.

To my fellow HCW staff and our clients I say, thanks! We are all part of a great team, and I'm proud to play alongside each and every one of you.

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